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    Looking for a catered venue for your private party?
    Let us do the hard work and provide some great food for your party; with a range of various buffet options for all your needs.
    Perfectly complimented with our extensive range of beers, wines and spirits as well as our Star Wars and Game of Throne Cocktails!

    We will reserve you an area just for you and your friends for no extra charge.


    Looking for just a venue (No Food)?
    If you aren’t interested in the food and just want to enjoy drinks with a party of friends; we are still happy to reserve an area for you.
    As well as this;  we can pre-arrange an bar limit so you don’t have to worry about money on your night!


    After a great live music venue?
    Amazing acoustics with a top notch sound system, sound and lighting engineer. Huge beer garden with outdoor screen perfect for acoustic sessions and possible festivals. Great rates and deals to be had so promoters please get in touch. Check out our Venue Spec to see what is available!


    Are you a budding film-maker or writer?
    We’ve got modern projecting equipment and big screens throughout the pub; being the perfect venue for a film screening!
    (Budding not required)


    If you would like us to host your party; contact us to discuss the facts!
    We can provide you with pre-orders, takeways, BBQs and Christmas party bookings! (Or any other occasion)